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Will it slow down the lightening process? as a rule, if you can help as much as 15 or more reserve theirs, you’ll be given special treatment. Use this Nivea cream for dark skin daily to see the results.. 2. Evicted BBNaija housemate Kaisha had an interview with the show’s host Ebuka today where she shed some light on her journey through the show and what she intends to do next after leaving the show. Thanks. Is it stupidity talking or are you not aware of the side effects of bleaching/skin whitening. She is meticulous and makes … Thanks Lizzy, At d moment I use all dis mixed cream bt I want to stop it cos I hv dark knuckles both on my hand nd leg. Caro white and Idole worked well on my skin but can't continue. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a4bf97c1c57d25d879237637d8da3c36" );document.getElementById("i24700ef02").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks for ur good work lizzy. Update: We will be doing the first skin clinic in Nigeria, and it’s free! Pls which cream will u recommend for me I wish to be fair by wedding is in three months. This is actually one of my favorites for clients, it gets you lighter while giving you a lovely even and bright complexion. With this Tonner you don’t need to apply lots of creams, just use whatever cream that gets your desired skin color, then use this toner to maintain it. Any of the above creams will work. I’m a guy that works a lot outside and my head to neck is dark and rough including my hands. What would you recommend to become light again? 1. For Africa, Nigeria top di list with 77% of women wey dey use skin lightening products. It been very good for my skin but I decided two months ago to give it a quit cos of the hydroquinone in it. Pls I have used Caro White lotion for more than a year with Idole Avocado soap and I must say it gave me the best skin color. Skin bleaching in Nigeria: The current obsession of Nigerians. Hello please I'm dark skinned and I want to go a shade or two lighter. Free shipping in the US on orders over $59. all the creams to brighten basically bleach.thats the meaning of lightening lol. Ma pls, have you written the artcle on getting rid of old stretch mark? u can use Nano extra white soap instead as well. Please help me what can I used?? And the next step, after using the QEI with almond oil for about 3 months should be the QEI with Shea Butter, this optional as those creams are pretty hard to get). Pls i anticipate your urgent response. Which is why it has done so well after so many years in the market. Hi I have been using Caro White for some time good cream…but I want something that will whiten me more…its better to finish what u started init..lol. Please can you please recommend a good face cream, that will lighten me, Please am very dark and I also have a stubborn skin. Active Bamboo® Anti-aging Whitening Cream contains kojic acid, licorice and Vitamin E – three ingredients known to effectively fight pigmentation to achieve brighter skin. It is effective if you want to be just fair. Thank you and Glod Bless.. Hi lizzy, i have discoloration on the left side of my face, the right side is normal, I'm almost light skinned, I'm a shade or two from being light skinned. Skin bleaching, whitening or lightening has been defined by Christopher Godwin (1991) as any process in which pigments is removed from the skin which in which pigments is removed from the skin which can be done using soaps, pills, cream and even laser and also surgical treatment. Kojic Acid – The by-product of malting rice or the process of sake production. I don't want a bleaching cream I just want to get my colour back pls recommend a good soap and cream for me. Fair And White Lotion For Dark Skin. A recent World Health Organisation report has revealed that Nigerian women are the biggest users of skin-lightening products. initially I used to use carol white though am a light person, have used this for so many years but I tried to change cream to Nano mixed with oils, it function well at first but after 5 weeks I noticed some black spots in form of pimples on some parts of my body not even only my face then I stopped using the Nano thinking something is wrong… I bought beauty express but works slowly cos am now becoming black, subsequently I noticed another skin infection on my body like rashes… I was advised to stopped every cream am using which I did and start to treat damages the former creams has caused… the pimples all over my body is leaving gradually but am becoming black and dark daily cos I don't use any cream again….PLEASE ADVICE ME ON THE CREAM TO USE AGAIN THAT WONT CAUSE INFECTION ON MY SKIN, BY THE WAY I DON'T WANNA GO BACK TO CAROL WHITE COS AM TIRED OF IT, IT DOESN'T WANT ME TO USE ANOTHER CREAM, IT'S LIKE IT HAS MASTER MY SKIN AND I DON'T LIKE THAT IDEA. Most of this skin whitening treatments act by blocking melanin production. If you don’t have any soap that works for you then you need fair and white soap with carrot, this soap specifically exfoliate your skin, that is peels out those black spot and takes care of any other blemish your skin might have. *. Pls I need help, stop disgracing our beloveth country ladies and boys, you have all lost the plot think of your old age beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, what about when you have operation the healing process. I just love how you do your best to answer any question.what's the direction of use for the Q7. *. well if you want a lighter skin then that means that means that you wanna bleach it.. no cream will make you 2shades lighter without bleaching it lol, and most creams lieyou need to really get a good one.I read about QEI And Q7 CARROTTE and FUNBACT A and bought them off this site and so far they haven't worked.spent like 350 dollars and I bought like a month ago . Protégé® Luminate Premium Skin Whitening Cream contains kojic acid and arbutin, two powerful ingredients that work together to achieve natural non-toxic skin lightening. Hello lizzy can I mix Caro white with the q7 serum? We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. However, I did get bored and decided to use Egg Yolk not the Queen Helene the Body Lotion and it was all sorts of nasty. My body is so strong and I wanna lighten up,and have a glow skin This comment has been removed by the author. P.s being paper white won't get you husbands or money. My body is so strong and I wanna lighten up,and have a glow skin My whole body my breast,hips,and thigh, in fact my whole body I will never recommend this cream to anyone, bad cream ever!!! E-6 is making me look white. Delivering a lecture entitled, “The Harmful Effects of Skin Bleaching,’’ yesterday in Ilorin at a Lenten season programme, organised by the wife of Kwara State governor, Mrs. Omolewa Ahmed, the dermatologist stated that the rate of skin cancer and other kidney diseases was on the rise due to bleaching. Am FAIR in complexion. I'm worried because the close of most serum I've seen is clear/white. Bid urgent advice pls. Good, please endeavour to share your experience here after use. plus the pimples came back with a vengeance and then i stopped using it as it really brightened my face. Thanks, pls liz is chairman lightening body lotion and jovecoten good for the body, Hi, I'm chocolate in complexion. The Jergens Fairness cream is one of the best body creams for fair skin in Nigeria that is specifically produced for the people that have fair skin in Nigeria. what does the carrot one do. Here are 7 best bleaching creams you can use to achieve great results: 1. You may have spots on your face or old body caused by freckles, age spots, liver spots, birthmarks, burns, sunburn scars, accident scars and any other scars. What to do? View Offer Konga  Carrotte Whitening Serum N2750. I used one before and it was really good. I want to bleach completely. There are safer ways to a brighter and smother skin than putting harmful chemicals into our system. Can I still use it? If your budget allows it go for Makari Beauty Whitening Milk. I need urgent reply thanks, Am using Caro white with neutrotone cream, but my body is doing as if I have pimples on my body, Where can I get carotte whitening serum pls am in logos. What are the side effects of stopping funbacta? And where can I buy the original cream in Lagos? For Asia, 61% of … What cream can i use to clear the patches(discoloration) and still maintain an even skin tone. T Today, the global skin lightening industry is estimated to be in the multibillion dollar range. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. I HV a sensitive ND dry skin, Pls can I make use of shea butter(ori) mixed wit funbact A for lightening by body? Hi lizzy I am fair and I use q7 gold carrot extract it works. me who always watch myself and smile now turn to sm1 that cries everyday becos of this carrot glow that cause serious stretch marks all over my bodyBAD CREAM EVER!!! What products do u think I can try. Please what do think about WHITE EXPRESS? How do I get rid of those? There are many creams that contains carrot, please be specific. Hi lizzy,nice blog you have here. Hi Lizzy am using cari light for my black hands ,I like it but the problem is,it makes the palm of my hands brown what can I do to get rid of that. Right now I'm using otentika creme (pink) and serum for two months now with no result and I exfoliate well so I don't know what to use anymore. View offer on Konga Original Caro White Lightening Beauty Cream. ok try Caro white. Thanks. courtesy of AIM and major cream retailers in the UK and Africa, I will be there live. Lastly please wht soap can I use with it plssss? Have you used Makari on any of your client, I want to lighten my body 3/4 shades lighter, I've tried many creams but I haven't seen any results which cream would you recommend? Thankx. The Nella Whitening and Brightening Tone-Up Cream, b. Note: Watch or download this short video to see how you can do a self-skin test to determine your skin type and cream HERE video is no longer available. Will my skin get blended or worse?? Thanks. Pls what can I use? am a fair lady was using Patricia reynier stopped then used supreme white didnt see any result want to go back to Patricia reyneir is it a good cream please i want to av a light and glowing skin my name is zuriel, Lizzy thanks for the good work. Hmm even in 2017 people are still commenting, oya lemme comment too. Please what do you recommend I use and how do I use it. 1. Arbutin Blemish Control Cream by Lawrens®. Great Blog.. Read  7 Best Over The Counter Creams And Oils  To Get Rid of Stretch MarksRead too top amazing Craiglist Tampa Forums. Hi Lizzy,please what the different between lightening and whitening cream? pls what can i use, Get a gluthatione soap and then a qei+ with carrot oil lotion together with a gluthatione serum.. N1150, 6. 11. Good luck, I need good cream cox am fair but after child birth my skin got dark..i was using so white maxi tone after which I was introduced to fair and white gold but am still d way I am.i need good cream to lightening my skin, Why the fuck should you say funbact a is a bleaching cream … Ts a steroid that should be used for skin infections and not to lighten skin… Continuous usage after 3 weeks at most cause alarming side effects including skin atrophy, excess hair growth, hyper pigmentation, and so many others.. This cream acts very fast against excessive pigment formation. Hi Lizzy, I'm dark skinned and would like to achieve a blended chocolatey tone, would Qei with almond oil give me this? I would like to try it but I'm not sure. If you are fair use any original cream that contains hydro, then use original coconut oil for the bumps, Beware of scams, pls do your due diligence. Right now I use idole papaya soap and nivea extra white protect and repair cream. Thanks, i have been using QEI And Q7 Carrotte serum for a month and so far no results lolI also took the gluta pills for 5 months n ddint work… ooh lord? I really need your help. I need a nice cream DT will make me bright … I stopped using cream fr awhile but u want to go back…. And can I use in my face? Hi lizzy,pls I use caro white in the night. Several cosmetic companies have used Kojic dipalmitate as a potent alternative. I want this to hold and it can only hold in Nigeria if the expected number of people are met, otherwise the clinic may go to another African country.

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