can you eat coyote

They are most active at night and in early morning. From: 20ydpin. A hungry, full-grown eastern coyote can pose a danger to some dogs, especially smaller ones. Coyotes are social animals and commonly yip, bark, and howl to communicate; however, urban dwelling coyotes tend to be quieter. These opportunistic feeding habits can lead to conflicts with farmers, ranchers, and suburbanites. These critters are scavengers and you never know what they’ve been eating. Can you eat coyote meat? A coyote pup till they are 3 weeks old survives solely on their mother’s milk. Before we discuss what to feed a baby coyote, you need to have a clear understanding of their dietary pattern in the wild. However, it’s unlikely that a coyote would try to attack a pet when the owner is nearby. Wolf meat is very tasty, but not everyone can eat. And coyotes can eat up your small pets such as cats, birds or even the poultries. Same for crows but they get the lead too. I personaly wouldn't eat one, but thats not saying you can't. Sure I guess you can eat them but I have no desire. Bobcats are pure carnivores and don’t scaven rotten meat. ", but whether "would you eat coyote again?". However, there will be some people who do not eat meat coyotes. Damn things breed like rabbits it seems (been known to kill them too!). For instance, a coyote can eat up your small pets such as cats or birds. They almost always are horrible. Grilled Coyote Slow cook the animal meat over a grill, marinate with some fruit based glaze, roll in cabbage leaves when done, and serve with steamed white rice. The Wildlife Code of Missouri classifies the coyote as a furbearer and game mammal that may be taken during prescribed hunting and trapping seasons. They are highly viscous animals even when you keep them as pets. 28-Nov-07. If you have another big dog in the house, they are likely to stir up conflict. The are a predator after all. This thread was a joke, right? Coyote meat is a favourite food of the inhabitants of the steppes, they hunt for wolves to protect livestock and protection from their attacks on humans, so when they hunt, they will bring food processing. It's not the easiest to hunt coyotes. I eat what I kill, if you've tasted what I've tasted you would know thats a stupid moral rule. my father-inlaw had a full mount of one done (he did it when he used to do taxedermy)but i think most people if they keep anything they keep the hide thas what i'd do, you can sell the hide if its not to damaged you might make alittle money not sure what they're going for in your area. It’s certainly OK to consume appropriately prepared coyotes and foxes. I have consumed coyote! They use sheltered areas such as burrows, hollow trees, rock crevices, and thick underbrush, as well as spaces under sheds and decks, as dens and resting areas. You don't kill them they will kill your animals be in livestock or even pets. I mean this is just someone that was really bored and done hunting regular meat just playing around, wasn't it? From: Hackbow. The coyote might not taste very well but you can eat it but no hunter will get mad cause you killed a coyote and didnt eat it! Coyotes also occasionally eat produce such as sweet corn and watermelon. They have a very good flavor! Coyotes can spread diseases to dogs such as rabies. The question should not be "Can you eat coyotes? Control. Moreover, they can feed on your livestock such as chickens if not well fed. What to feed a baby coyote? 28-Nov-07. but hey I'd eat coyote. In summary, here’s what you can do to co-exist peacefully with coyotes: Don’t feed wild coyotes. Keep your food waste safe (straps on garbage, seal compost). Never again It was worse then the raw pork rinds soaked in lemon juice.I can never understand regional specialty's. I have a friend that saves pelts. (My dear friend Phil Schweik says you can substitute lamb for the coyote, because the taste is similar, but why would you he asks, since coyote is a heckuva lot cheaper than lamb!). My problem is I feel a need to prove I'm the top of the food chain.

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