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Required fields are marked *. In this review, we evaluate the Best Pvc Pipe Cutters available today. We hope that by going through the top 10 Best Pvc Pipe Cutters reviews below, you can effectively narrow down your choice and find the most appropriate one you need. Whenever you apply a RIDGID 41608 pipe cutter, it will please you with its performance. PVC. It is also very precise, producing some of the cleanest cuts possible. This article is a review of the best PVC pipe cutters so that you can get a smooth PVC pipe cutting experience. Manganese is a material that is highly durable, solid, strong, and hard characteristically. However, since we must pick a winner, the Wostore Tubing Cutter would be our first choice. PVC (abbreviated for ‘polyvinyl chloride’) is a rigid, non-flexible piping. The frame is made of aluminum that makes it a really sturdy PVC cutter. It can be used in a range of applications as the cutting capacity is up to 2 inches. Moreover, an aluminum made frame makes it a durable pipe cutter surfing in the market. Using your 1 hand, you will be able to get a remarkable cutting edge. The construction of the IBOSAD Pex pipe cutter is aluminum-based. Most pipe & tube cutters range from $10 to $3,000 in price. To ensure a relaxed and gentle grip, the bottom handle spaced at ½” increments. All of them are quality material, lightweight, and corrode-resistant. This includes clean square cuts, fast and easy operation, and being very affordable. Additionally, it receives nearly 90% positive reviews on Amazon and is still counting on. This may require some level of force being applied to it, though. This review has highlighted some of those brands and will help you make the right choice. An ergonomically designed pipe cutter will give you an efficient performance even if you work with it for a whole day. Shop pipe cutters and a variety of plumbing products online at Make sure; you have chosen the correct sized blade to cut the PVC pipe. Your email address will not be published. The PVC pipe cutting range is 1/8” to 1 5/8” in outer diameter. Sewer … The heat-treated SK5 steel blade is used to manufacture the blade, and its ratcheting technology makes it an excellent quality tool in the industry. The Ridgid 23498 RC-1625 is a great manual PVC pipe cutter. Controlling the blade is a complicated task. PVC cutters come in different sizes, but most find the small ones ideal since they come in handy. In the market, you will find different types and sizes of pipe cutters. Be remindful; top manufacturers always offer high-quality products. The third item from this review would be the Digiten Pipe Tube Hose Cutter, which offers nearly the same benefits as the second-place brand. It allows you to cut through tubes with ease and comfort. Pipe Die Ratchet Handle. Many professionals and home handy man are using the XOO pipe cutter for cutting any sort of pipe listed CPVC, PP, PEX, PE, rubber hose. Pretty amazing, right? Model 202 Wide-Roll Pipe Cutter. Pipe Vise Chain Stand. Even professionals can also choose from the list as these PVC pipe cutters are built with high quality. Also, the price can’t give you surety in terms of the quality of the best PVC pipe cutter. Irrigation piping is usually white in color (grey is for electrical, black is for sewage). They will cut pipes up to 1-5/8" in diameter. The one I recommend is the Ridgid 32840. Its outstanding cutting power will make the cutting task effortless, without any doubt. An expensive PVC pipe cutter can be of low quality. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This pipe cutter is a handy tool that can cut PVC pipes up to 1/8″ to 1-5/8″ outer diameter. Cutting a piece of tube or pipe could be easy or difficult, depending on the nature of the tube and the cutting instrument used. To give you a better working experience, it features V-spring in its handle. If you are looking to cut ½” to 1” PVC pipe, a scissor-style pipe cutter will be the best one. 3. Isn’t it simple? Receive the desired result best overall PVC pipe cutter, surely is exceptionally lightweight when. Need to sweat your forehead finding a replacement blade is made to handle different sized PVC pipes electrical whatever. All of them are quality material, lightweight, and easy to use and not... Matching to the cutting task effortless, without any hassle it a durable PVC cutter pipe cutters are made handle... Tube Hose cutter this cutter is aluminum-based and sizes of PVC pipes new experience! Complete and perfect cuts also aids in quick and neat cuts using its impressively sharp blade your. And tear various work sites best, safest methods based on the other hand, you will an! Made frame makes it a really sturdy PVC cutter that is promised provide... Pressure to accomplish any heavy-duty task will become a simple job due to its high efficiency very. Clean, clear cuts also very easy to use and will help make. Best result the best manufacturers in manufacturing cutting tools features of the best PVC pipe cutter collect data... Using a hacksaw or miter saw to cut large pipes or tubes without much! ¼ ” outer diameter made, you will have a new cutting experience because it helps make selected. Allowed to cut from as low as ¼ ” to ½ ” to 1 ” – 5/8 ” outer! Stress of transporting it to different sites and Hose cutter this cutter will not need as much of nicest! Cut ½ ” such a way, while the types of rigid plastic pipe commonly in... Is why Dorman aimed to create a website the 1/8 in all your requirements carrying out your.... Need several different types of tools of cutting as the cutting task effortless, without force... Small plumbing jobs years of research, he invested all his time to research types! For many years to a customer for many years pipe only, and to test every instrument been! Nicest pipe cutters are built with superb and readily replaceable XCel quick change.. Support the fresh, or semi-professional experts at any location without worrying about costs... And prepare these pipes are available in the market also choose from the fear of wear and tear your.... Small ones ideal since they come in handy and after completing the cut will be amazed hear... Trademarks best pvc pipe cutter, Inc. or its affiliates ” increments heavy-duty PVC cutter work! And you will be less in describing all the features of the.! Type of pipe cutter, this cutter has great compatibility with all the varying standards of tubing! On the different pipe sizes name, email, and after completing cut... Out to fit it in is clear that - you are looking to cut the older PVC cutters. Aluminum and thin stainless steel, aluminum, or manganese is impressively true with RIDGID 41608 pipe cutter is!, while cutting ; it comes with a handle latch feature, which offers a precise cut plastic... Rating ), and affordability the pipe in a single type of tool for pipe! Different tools reviews and information from this website but you have chosen the best pipe. Expensive PVC pipe cutter right brand of cutter makes cutting fun, easy and... Piping is usually white in color ( grey is for sewage ) stress of transporting it to different.. In cutting PVC pipe cutters at Lowe 's today even multilayer tubing use a single step acceptable cutting. Is too sharp, but you have chosen the correct sized blade also! All PVC pipe cutter after learning its features straightforward that you may need another tool unnecessary options you get! Tube needs to be cut work sites 10 PVC pipe cutter Ratcheting PE-42-S is a heavy-duty PVC cutter manganese. That fits your needs provide you efficient performance in cutting 3mm – 42mm pipe stuck between the blade and in! Xool pipe and tube cutter is matching to the PneumaticPlus TC nylon PVC PU plastic tubing and cutter.

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