how to shape foam for upholstery

But to this day, whenever I have to cut a bevel for a shaped cushion that is to lie against the hull I prefer to use the electric knife. They don't look overly impressive at first glance, until you realize that they are 6 1/2' X 4 1/2' in size. From a non-pro, DIYer I have to agree 110% on the batting.During my early years of refilling mooshed sofa cushions I didn't know about the batting to wrap around the foam.What a difference the batting with spray adhesive makes!!! Well, I thought of myself first - but then I thought of you lol. Shredded foam can be used in throw pillows, cushions, patio furniture and … The highest specification foam for longterm comfort and durability - instant recovery after use and consistent shape retention. Turning ordinary foam into unique shapes requires the right tools, proper steps, and a little imagination. We leave them out all spring, summer and fall. Simply select your foam shape below, and follow our simple four step process. I get using the electric knife to cut the foam, but how do I hollow it out? How to Cut Noise Pollution at Home, The Secret Formula for Perfect Pillow Arrangements, How to Choose the Perfect Bed Pillow — and Sleep Better, Lighting suggestions to avoid reflection on TV in living room please. If you want to torture yourself, then go for it. Since these materials are fairly new to the upholstery trade, the store will feature full instructions and support for upholstery applications for these products. I bought outdoor foam (expensive!) After you have chosen your upholstery foam, allow our professional sewing department to sew an upholstery case for your upholstery foam. Where is the rest of the article? Cutting foam by hand often leave the foam with rough shapes. Trace around the top view portion of the foam, saving the side view for later. If you don't have an electric carving knife, use a large serrated blade knife (bread knife), Here is a link that might be useful: foam cut to size. When you use this … spanky, do they make poly batting for outdoor use? How to Cut Chair Upholstery Foam. Anyway - enjoy! 10-4 on the foam sculpting class @kl4bidn . There is just a lot of figuring it out I see. This is how I did it, I'm sure there are different or better ways. You can see where I made marks where I wanted my curves to start and stop. I am making a box pillow. I know this sounds funny but I'm hoping some of you upholsterers will chime in. I have a couple of sets of feet for it (to accomodate different welt sizes). An electric knife will get you the best results. I also intend on getting that electric knife. I am considering the wave one for maybe my upstairs landing....since we have been spending so much time in Mexico, the waves are really speaking to me. I don't cut enough foam to warrant investing $100 in a foam saw. And fast! Thanks again!! It needs constant refluffing to look good. Definitely electric carving knife - I own one just for cutting foam - you want to hold the knife blade perpendicular to the foam - handle down. How do I order foam shapes? the foam soaks up the water and holds it until some unluckly soul sits on it... with predictable results. Actually, I would like to know the best way to cut the foam so that it has the rounded edge on the front with no they have on couches and recliners. Fabric directly on foam tends to grip and wrinkle every time someone sits and then gets up. It’s used to create a fuller, more cushioned look and feel, particularly under quilted upholstery in boats and car seats. It's the damnedest thing... no mater what you do to prevent it, it still shows up. Haha yes sculpting foam is a huge mess!. Yep it answered my question no doubt! This aerosol adhesive bonds foam to foam, fabric to foam and batting to foam and is a must-have product for upholstery work. Haha. Sewing Machines & Tools - Reviews / Problems / Fixes / Etc... Click Here to Remove Ads & Support the Forum! I meant course not class, they won't let me stay in California long enough for a class but I still have enough pop corn to catch another video. I'm rather a sewing machine junkie, frankly... adding a new one to the fleet when I see something interesting for the "right" price. THAT'S why I have a foam saw! I appreciate all the generous feedback. A rotary ruler … It is made from Olefin so at the end of each season I scrub them with a bleach solution to remove the mildew spots that appear. Thank you! So far i've gotten a couple of electric knives for $2 each but the blades get dull pretty quickly. Watch our clear and easy-to-follow DIY video instructions. And do I cut the foam to that same size as the template, and then add the batting around it? I have 4" foam and it way too thick for the back of chair. Firm Foam: You can smooth upholstery foam by sanding it with a fine grater or coarse sandpaper. Trace around the foam ¼-inch larger than the old foam. I just want the "planes" of the cushion to be at 90 degree angles of each other. So if you require foam to replace sofa cushions, create a day bed mattress, cut a custom foam mattress, or any other specialty application – we are here to help. The mortal enemy of mildew is SUNSHINE. Down is very comfortable, but it compresses fast and doesn’t hold its shape for long. (Hancocks has a sale right now on foam/batting.). This is a good display for all of us here who are learning Upholstery. It cut through it like butter. The Sew Foam is adhered to the shaped piece with Foam Lock Spray Adhesive (#120464). The TIME saved by purchasing a proper foam saw was shocking for her. For Example Calculating the price of a piece of foam … It's lighter to handle and gives a very smooth cut if the bevel is well marked. Cutting upholstery foam is a task that anyone can manage to do, not only a professional upholsterer. Do mark both sides of the foam and have a helper watch the blade on the other side to tell you when you're straying from the perpendicular. Have you Googled? @bondo497 asked a few questions about how I made the foam for this seat. My background is furniture and I'm completely self taught. and this was a great informational post for someone like me. Foam Superstore is a leading UK supplier of foam & upholstery supplies. Using the pen and notepad, draw an outline of the shape that you wish to shape the foam into. How To Cut Foam To Size: Foam cut has different shapes. If you are new to shaping foam you may want to just make a simple grater from a glass jar's metal lid. If you’d like some foam cut to size whether you need new sofa cushions, caravan seats or an irregular shaped piece of foam F.C. Chelone, I have another question. Apr 25, 2020 - Upholstery foam can be cut and then shaped with an electric or air tool, such as an angle die grinder or drill with an abrasive pad. Works great. Chelone, I was hoping you would respond. I'm a newbie self-taught trimmer( soon to be taught by John via his videos!) I learned early on that if you're going to perform an operation regularly you ought to buy the proper tool to make it easy. Oh, and before I forget.....I came across this art on IKEA site the other day, and thought of you. I bet it will come out nice! Quilt batting is too lightweight and will come apart and end up in rolls at one end or the other of the cushion. that is 4" thick. Our specialty is made-to-measure foam and custom cushions, which we can produce in a range of shapes, densities and thicknesses. A great product for mildew is Iosso. or higher. I have cut a lot of foam over the years. It's very easy to get five degrees off! It looks like a coarse sponge and the whole idea is that water effectively falls right through it. ;). You can get upholstery leather from[…], Thanks for the update! I never worked with leather before this. I do not want to derail this thread, but it would seem machine information is relevant here. Then the customers can trace the top portion and save the side view. Soft foam: Soft foam is more privy to mistakes. The higher density makes the foam more resilient, so after you sit on it the foam bounces back to its original shape. I have a four inch piece of foam that I want to leave the edges on and hollow out the middle, so it forms a saddle of sorts. Glad to hear they got you […], When setting timing, set stitch length and zig zag[…]. They still look like new but the foam needs replacement. (The foam you are cutting needs to hang over the surface it is laying on top of. If you require a custom shape, please select the ‘Odd custom shape’. Check couch or chair cushions.If you notice that they have been starting to sag, appear a bit unsightly or are not as comfortable as they used to be, then you may … Connect the dots and form a continuous line. Upholstery foam can be cut and then shaped with an electric or air tool, such as an angle die grinder or drill with an abrasive pad. I had a template out of brown paper and drew on the foam with a Sharpie. Review of Pottery Barn Westan dinning chair. Do basic projects yourself using upholstery skills to convert old, worn chairs, car seats or sofa cushions into comfortable seating by learning easy foam-shaping and cutting techniques. DO post when you get started. I can't sew right now cause its body and paint weather so I'm soaking up all the info I can get from everyone! Thanks. Scrub the fabric thoroughly and rinse well. I also want to thank you about the tip for cutting the bevelled edge of the V berth cushions so they fit snuggly - A project on my very long list I eventually will have to do! I ended up taking my template to a local fabric/upholstery store and they cut one for me. OR you may want to fit the foam to a specific shape that is not easily defined or measured. Can I cut through the foam in middle to make it less thick. Hello, call a local upholsterer and take him your cushions. It’s advisable to also make markings on the side of your upholstery foam if possible, as you may need to cut lengthways down it. My seat cushion that I'm making curves and flares. It's paid for itself 100 times over in the last 6 years. Place the cardboard template on the new sheet of foam. Try an electric kit. A down-and-feather sofa cushion costs about $650; foam could be $75. It has a rubbery feel, but you can compress it with your fingers. It gets everywhere. Cut the shape out of the foam by compressing the foam as you slowly cut. I cut foam for yacht interiors with a friggin' electric knife for YEARS before I was finally able to convince my boss to buy the proper machinery, lol. I feel like taking a huge steak knife or saw blade and chiseling out the shape---but what is the proper way to do it? Ordinary foam tends to hold water... like a sponge. Uh oh, another soul has to do V berth cushions. My calculation is that she paid for it in 4-5 jobs... that's how much faster a saw is than a carving knife. I appreciate all the other questions on here too, so please don't feel like you're hijacking! Well, I know this sounds crazy! You can usually get it through suppliers for the marine market. 6. I mean, I'm afraid that if it has hacked edges or if I compress the foam to cut it, maybe the sides will bulge therefore making me cut too much out of the sides. My company, Living Home Furniture is opening a web store (June 2015) offering cut-to-size organic & natural upholstery foam, natural wool batting and organic cotton ticking fabric. I don't think the foam was great quality so I will buy a better foam next spring. A new foam saw costs considerably more than $100. But now you all have me curious.Are these the types of foam cutters you pros are talking about? Thanks. Superior Medium Foam from our premium range of upholstery foam - Ideal replacement for feather cushions, provides the comfort of feather with the durability of foam. We supply a range of products, from foam cut to size to replacement foam cushions and covers for sofas, home furniture, caravans, boats and much more. I have drawn on the curve onto foam and used an old electric turkey carver. Thanks kl4bidn. Again, thanks for sharing your trials, way of doing tings and finished results. If you use the right tools and follow some basic steps, you can do the job yourself with minimum expenses. Time to Cut Upholstery Foam Place your foam on a flat surface and use the marker pen and ruler to plot out where you’ll be cutting. Take your … Does that make sense? Oops, sorry, I am not sure where I got $99 as a price for a foam saw. By following these instructions, you will learn how to mold foam into any shape you desire. Use a sharp blade and work carefully to avoid any holes … I've always seen it done with an electric knife. Trim the upholstery fabric to a large, single piece that is 4 inches wider than the foam plus 2 more inches for each channel. I bought the batting today to wrap around and the spray adhesive. Sometime you want a specific shape OR you may not want to go through all the trouble to order the foam to a particular shape. Sweet! Now we will know the shapes name and measure guideline. These cushions will be on my back patio that is covered. Learn what exactly spray foam is, the pros and cons of using it and why you shouldn’t mess around with installation, Prolong the life of your couch with this inexpensive fix that’s so easy, even a beginning sewer can do it, Makeover a chair with a cool new seat cover, no sewing required, Turn a corner into do-it-all kitchen seating with a customizable banquette, and let the comfy-cozy mealtimes begin, Leaf blowers, trucks or noisy neighbors driving you berserk? Water gets into the foam via the stitch holes on the covers. I use 1/2" all around the perimeter, less if I plan to bat out the foam before stuffing. The fabric has lasted well for five years now. )paint chips - good idea to draw on both sides - use a sharpie for the line. It comes in a jar, crystal form. Personally I've never done it though. I've cut everything from foam to unwanted soft-wood stalks on my plants. Watch the video below for the full foam shaping tutorial. Set the template atop the foam; then trace it carefully using a felt-tipped marker, applying only gentle pressure with the marker. Scissors or a craft knife often can leave you with an uneven edge. Thank you for posting thiese pictures. I should have purchased 3" or 2". I'm waiting for a foam saw to show up at auction someday. Batting isn't the issue, the base foam IS. Thanks for the tip on adding the 1/2 inch around the perimeter. Dry in the sunshine. If your cushions have endured a long period of hot, humid weather, put them out in the sunshine on a reasonably "dry" day. Read more... HandCrafted With  and  By Leinad4Mind - Powered By phpBB. The outdoor foam I bought is Nu-Foam and is supposedly mildew resistant and all that jazz. Take a look at our simple five-step guide below. I've broken 3 #80 needles, but the final outcome of my practice pillow has satisfied DH. Chelone - thank you for telling us (Me) to cut the foam laying flat on the floor - completely makes sense for an accurate cut. For this cut, you need to measure width and length. If it's going to be outdoors ALL THE TIME, the best product is reticulated foam. Even without sewing experience, you can complete f It ends with 'what is the proper way to do it'.....Where can I find the entire article? If you do not have an electric knife (many of us don't any more), go to a fabric store that sells foam and ask them to cut for you...they will charge a minimal fee if anything at all. I used a foam saw many years ago when I cut custom foam in a shop where I worked and it is a wonderful tool for the person who does this for a living. Draw the shape from the notepad onto the top of the long, flat piece of foam. Approach a more complex shape that involves angles or curves by making paper templates of a top view and a side view. I glued white Celestra (upholstery dust cover fabric) over entire seat for extra holding of the foam sections and so … I just looked it up in the Tedco Industries catalog and theirs is a Bosch for $595. You'll probably have to "help" it since it doesn't have compound or a true walking foot. And I wanted to share this: I love the foam saw, the rolling base keeps the blade perfectly perpedicular and a straight cut is easy to do. DH just put that on my list. I just started a big interior job today and I thought of this thread as I was pulling staples, trimming patterns, and figuring the layout. It also helped to draw the curve on both sides of the foam so I could bob my head back and forth and make sure my plane was 90 degrees. Measure and mark the foam to be the same size as your bench top. I suppose I could take out the 4 tpi resaw blade and use a 12 tpi blade like … Zig Zag breaking needles on vintage Singer Double Needle industrial machine. Upholstery foam can be cut into any size needed or pieces can be glued together. I stand the foam on its edge to cut it and if I don't have a helper, I just check each side every inch or two to make sure that I'm staying straight. Okay. 4" foam is getting thick for an electric knife and I sure wouldn't want to tackle it with a bread knife! Any thoughts on this? Batting prevents this. @TManning74 What's more important for outdoor use, I think, is the quality of the foam. I've used my Sears Harvest Gold electric knife.I bought it on Ebay for $4.88 w/$5 shipping. Here are the steps for shaping the foam for upholstery: Tools Required: Upholstery foam may be difficult to cut from utility knife and scissors, carving knife is considered the best tool for cutting the foam. A couple years after I purchased the electric knife I accidentally ran into an auction on Ebay for two replacement blades, both serrated but different sizes. Be sure the get poly batting that is made for upholstery, though. Here is a link that might be useful: Foam Cutters? Shaped foam can be used for fun DIY projects such as making pillows or even costume heads. Upholstery foam, foam insulation, styrofoam; it doesn't matter, it cuts both really well. Hancox can cater to your every need. They don't get much rain unless it is very stormy. These sound-reduction strategies can help you hush things up, Don't get boxed in between just square and round — get to know the wider world of cushion options for padding for your pad, Accessorize your outdoor area in a jiffy with these simple and versatile cushions, It’s like camping out in a catalog sometimes at this classic farmhouse — Pottery Barn and other retailers love it for photo shoots, For a polished look on sofas and beds every time, keep this simple ratio for pillow arranging in mind, Wake up saying 'Ahhhh' instead of 'Ow' with a pillow that provides all the support and comfort you need, Insulation Basics: What to Know About Spray Foam, Furniture Clinic: End the Curse of Slouchy Couch Cushions, DIY Project: How to Re-Cover a Seat Cushion, The Perfect Kid-Friendly, Storage-Happy, Style-Loving Seating Solution, Quiet, Please! I have a covered screened in deck and have large cushions on all my wicker-style furniture. An electric carving knife is going to make it A LOT easier. Measure the size of the shape you require and enter the dimensions into the relevant boxes. I am using two different fabrics, and Sunbrella is one of them. I was amazed. batting for indoor and outdoor work. You don't have to worry about mildew with it? I need to look... We use the same poly. If the cushion covers are densely woven (Sunbrella!) I should think your machine would be fine, just don't expect it to zip along the way it might if you were making a blouse. Sew foam is a light ¼-inch–½-inch polyfoam with a cloth material laminated to the polyfoam base. I've used my electric carving knife many times on 4" (and even thicker) and it's works like a charm. I found the zipper to be a real challenge with the thickness of the fabric and the lip cord tape. Square/ rectangle foam: It’s a square/rectangle shape cut. What kind of sewing machine and needle are you using? Foam Shapes How to Measure. Is that kinda common in Upholstery? I've made a template of the chair with brown paper. Please note that the minimum depth we can cut foam to is 1″ Foam is priced by the sqr ft per inch of depth. @kl4bidn What a great tutorial this is! Well tight on time and also CHEAP!!!! Cutting and shaping upholstery foam is a project anyone can do. I'm asking in the interest of being certain the fabric is "tight" around the foam/batting. I've had good results using an electric carving knife. I don't have an electric carving knife... if I used my good bread knife, will it ruin it? But keeping rain off the cushions is a giant step in the right direction. They have the foam onsite and should be able to cut it to your seat cushion size. Cutting a piece of thick foam can be a challenge. Chair foam is dense, more dense than you might think. It actually ended up being cheaper than just the foam I bought at Hancocks at 40% off. Scope out the Goodwill or Salvation Army store, but buy one. You ALWAYS have to worry about mildew, lol. Usually jobs like that where the vehicle is used every day yes they are. Take your time and be patient. Foam … Use a felt tipped pen and place a dot every 12 to 18 inches on the new foam. For instance, I found this site very quickly, so there should be more if this is not suitable - Extra High Density Urethane Foam-2"X18"X82" for $37.25 and free shipping. The Lucky Needle is an online resource for the upholstery community. That’s why a combination is so popular: A foam core with a down-and-feather wrap is soft and keeps its shape. I stand over it and make sure I hold the knife perpendicular to the floor. Plotting The Cuts: Now the customers need to trace the top and side view for foam by making paper templates. I wanna see pictures when you're done, Tex! (Perhaps the marking on the top & bottom would have been a good idea for me). The option for custom cut upholstery is available by choosing the shape, below , that fits your project. Select the foam shape you wish to order from one of our 22 pre-determined shapes. I typically use an 18 or a 20 needle for cushion work. You want to overcut your foam. I want to make cushions, too, but am worried the Bernina 830 Record I have cannot handle the thickness of Sunbrella canvas plus lip cord plus a zipper. Do I cut the fabric to that size plus a 1/2" seam allowance? You add the crystals to a prescribed amount of water and wait until the water changes color. If it cannot, what would be a good machine to get? (usually!). An 18 is generally fine for Sunbrella. We do get lots of humidity though living on the east coast of Canada. Check Cushions. I have not used a "home machine" in nearly 30 yrs.. The cutting was easy BUT I found I must not have held the knife completely straight up and down because it slanted in a bit on the bottom here and there. I have been on the journey since 2012. So I guess I'm safe using a poly batting? F13 Reconstituted Foam (6lb)Very firm (F13) Foam can be cut to any shape however, a template of paper will be required for more complex shapes. You can imagine the drama! Hi please I need to cut my foam from 4" to 2" can it be done I need to lower my wheel chair cushion. Some foam companies will cut your foam to the shape want. I use what my foam supplier uses, only the woodworker's version: an ordinary bandsaw. At the end of the "outdoor" season, take the covers off, scrub them thoroughly and let them dry in the sunshine. I need to cut my foam perfectly so that it holds it's shape on the sides for my fabric to lay over nicely. I recently cut a 4" foam with an electric knife. The only time I put the foam edge over the edge of a table is when I'm cutting the bevelled edge of a V berth cushion that is meant to fit snugly against the hull of boat in the forepeak.

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