While each whiskey drinker certainly has their own opinion on which is the best, few will argue that Woodford Reserve is one of the finest bourbons in the world. It is one of the newer brands, though it is produced at one of Kentucky's oldest distilleries. The perfectly balanced taste of our Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is comprised of more than 200 detectable flavor notes, from bold grain and wood, to sweet aromatics, spice, and fruit & floral […] I much prefer the more earthy and robust flavors of… I much prefer the more earthy and robust flavors of…
Its color is deep amber and it is a full-bodied mix … Finish is light and lingering with subtle floral notes. Woodford Reserve is a bourbon that has helped reshape the whiskey's image over the last few decades.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked was released in February 2012, more than 15 years after the release of standard Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select.Woodford Double Oaked is produced by re-barreling Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select in a second virgin charred oak barrel for a little under a year. However Woodford Reserve is a force to be respected. Even in a slow day they were very busy and we had to wait two hours for a tour. While those brands are incredibly old, Woodford Reserve started its life in 1996 as a small batch premium bourbon meant to capture people’s growing interest in higher-end whiskeys. It's smooth, it's mellow, it's refined, it has great length, great charecter and above all it's sublimely easy drinking. Woodford was a very nice tour. Woodford Reserve, the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby, is one of the many well-known bourbons from Brown Forman, who also owns Jack Daniel’s and Old Forester.

While I’ve since long past moved on from reaching for a glass of it neat, I still think it makes for a nice subtle bourbon cocktail. Woodford Reserve Distillery, Versailles: Hours, Address, Woodford Reserve Distillery Reviews: 4.5/5
Dark caramel, brown sugar, toffee, and light spice. In May 2018, Woodford Reserve Straight Malt whiskey was released as part of Woodford’s permanent lineup. There’s also a review of my favorite bourbon Woodford Reserve, my preferred traveling drink. The art of making fine bourbon first took place on the site of the Woodford Reserve Distillery, a National Historic Landmark, in 1812. Tasting Notes: Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Vital stats: Mash bill of 72 percent corn, 18 percent rye and 10 percent malt; 90.4 proof; about $35 Appearance: Reddish gold, the gloss of a well-loved Irish setter, rich mahogany.. Our Review Of Bourbon Tours On The Kentucky Bourbon Trail - The Fun Times Guide to Franklin/Nashville, TN Says: Totally unrelated. Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Review Bourbon Woodford Reserve Double Oaked vs Woodford Distiller's Select is a hotly debated topic in my house. Distilled at its namesake Woodford Reserve Distillery located in Versailles, Ky. (formerly called Labrot & Graham Distillery), this Kentucky straight bourbon was first introduced in 1996.

The second barrel is deeply toasted before a light charring which extracts additional amounts of soft sweek oak character. This high-rye bourbon has a mash bill containing 18% rye.

Meet the newest member of the Woodford Reserve core family.