No guy hates you for no reason. He also hugged me for no reasons, around the back of my neck,and around my back, saying things like 'love you bell' he also used to hold my hand sometimes. he looks at me a lot and goes to the places I go at times ! Kitten175 July 19th, 2015 2:14pm. You got lots more time to find someone that is worth your time. by. You are truly an amazing person, and not everyone hates you. If you want to find out: IGNORE HIM. No guy hates you for no reason. IF he hates you, which is highly unlikely, it would be for a reason.

You might not like the reason, but he'd have one.

Look, if somebody is mean to you, then they don't know how to treat people. :| i never in my life talked to him and if I did we will cuss at each other, but that was only one time though . It has nothing to do with you. 258. It is possible to be jealous without hating someone. what the HAY . This brings us to the second reason: people that are severely insecure and unhappy with their own lives are inclined to hate you. Some haters will act as your best friend and biggest confidant all the while laughing to themselves inside. Your workdays are generally free of conflict and ruffled feathers, and you’ve even been complimented on your congeniality before. Your boss gives you … he just hates me for no reason and why is that ? Whether you decide to approach your co-worker or not, it’s obviously important that you always maintain the utmost professionalism—no matter how strong your desire to … If you ever need support, feel free to message me, or any other listener.
Kat Boogaard. They go by stereotypes, and not who you truly are. 4.

Knowing how to tell if someone hates you requires you to identify the fake for the real. They are truly happy with their lives, and that allows them to … ok what does it mean when a guy just hates you ? “A person hates you for one of three reasons: 1) They want to be you 2) They hate themselves 3) They see you as a threat.” People that are genuinely comfortable with themselves don’t desire to be anyone else.

If you notice things that you only told that person floating around in public, it's not a coincidence. Sometimes, you just can’t keep the problem between the two of you—no matter how hard you try. What to Do When Your Co-worker Dislikes You for No Reason. why do you men hate on girls for no reason ? Your job description, once well-established and well-understood by everyone in your department, is now in flux. Be the Bigger Person. and i reply a no.
He just doesn’t trust you. Thankfully for you, this shows on their faces and in their actions.