The term rosary is used for various sets of prayers counted on beads, but the prayers may vary from those used in the Dominican Rosary – the most widely known form of the rosary. Please note: The text for some of the chaplets is taken from older books and mentions certain indulgence practices … Chaplet for the Dead Chaplet for the Holy Souls Chaplet in Praise of the Virgin Mary Chaplet of all Souls Chaplet of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Chaplet of Conversion Chaplet of Divine Mercy # 1 59 CHAPLET DEVOTIONS [There are 17 Chaplets available on videos. Rosaries come in a variety of types, each with its own historical background and function within the belief system of the Catholic Church. There exists a renewed interest in various forms of the Rosary which in fact have little to do with the classical rosary prayer itself. We are gradually compiling brief introductions to some of the varieties.

Unusual Rosaries. This is not the case however as the “bead” in the name, actually comes from an Old English word meaning “to pray” or “to entreat”. See more ideas about Chaplet, Rosary catholic, Rosary.

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Discover (and save!) The list of Angel Chaplets, Saint Chaplets, Our Lord Chaplets, and Our Lady Chaplets on this page will provide you with a picture, description, and purchase button of all of the chaplets with links to the prayer and history of that saint. The term used commonly to designate these prayer forms is chaplet, probably because of their use of the beads. They are not mass-produced. Each chaplet is handmade personally by Shalom.

Jun 24, 2015 - Pictures of Catholic rosaries and chaplets. Additionally, there are some rosaries that use the standard prayers, but serve a specific purpose, like the wedding rosary. Blessed rosary, rosaries and chaplets, crosses and crucifixes are a powerful channel of Grace, and have many indulgences attached to them. The Different Types Of Rosaries As most of us are familiar with the beaded rosary, you would be forgiven for thinking that the rosary bead gets its name from the beads. Rosaries can be used to pray, as a part of a larger religious ceremony, or as a way to direct prayer to a specific religious figure. The following text comes from “Raccolta: Collection of Prayers and Good Works for Which the Popes Have Granted Holy Indulgences” – “Raccolta delle orazioni e pie opere per le quali sono sono concedute dai Sommi Pontefici le SS.
To see them Click here.] Variations of rosaries abound!