Take time to spray it 3 to 4 times a day for 3 or 4 days. The creation of a web of surface scratches helps the second coat of plaster to adhere to the scratch coat properly by allowing the overcoat of plaster to enter the scratches and create a bond between the two layers. Follow the steps below for mixing each layer and get this amazing exterior finish for your home. The cure time between the scratch and brown coat in a Portland cement plaster is stated in the Uniform Building Code (UBC) and International Building Code (IBC) in chapter 25 tables as 48 hours. It is very versatile and … Quikrete 80 lb. You then apply three separate coats, respectively called the scratch coat, the brown coat and the color coat.

However, there is a section (2512.8 IBC) (2508.6 UBC) that allows the “alternate double-back method”. How to Mix Stucco Layers Written by William Marra on Aug 25, 2009. While still wet, this coat is scratched using a trowel or some type of serrated blade. Wet the surface before applying the coat and then trowel on. Do not let the top coat dry quickly.

This will prevent cracking. Base Coat Stucco is a Portland-based stucco used for scratch-coat stucco applications, brown-coat stucco applications and to repair stucco walls. Step 1 - Mix the Dash Coat. After the scratch coat has been allowed to cure, the finish coat can be applied. Note: The brown coat is applied over the scratch coat to prepare the plaster base for the finish coat application. When stuccoing over brick or masonry in good condition, you can usually skip the scratch coat. If you are going to put designs on the stucco you can either do this at this stage or you can simply put on a smooth coat and then apply swirls or other features at a fourth stage. These can mix up just about any type of stucco mix out there from base coats, to finish coats and even tile grout, concrete and epoxies.

The first base coat is called a scratch coat, the second is called a brown coat. In two coat work, there is a … Quikrete 80 lb. As the top coat, the color coat often contains one of about 20 available color-enhancing dyes. This mix is the perfect base coat choice for a traditional three coat stucco application. A flat finishing trowel can be used to apply a finish coat between 1/8" and 1/4" thick to the scratch coat. This material is typically applied in four coats: the dash coat, the scratch coat, the brown coat, and the finish coat. If a powdered pigment is desired, the pigment should have water added to it and be mixed completely before being added to the stucco.

Scratch coats are the bottom layer or coating of plaster that is applied to a wall. Base Coat Stucco can also be applied directly to masonry walls for a two coat application.

The three coats consist of two base coats and one finish coat.