For use in the permanent identification of animals, especially cattle and swine.

Species: Beef and …

With this instrument, a baby pig, 2 to 5 weeks of age, can be tattooed on the shoulder. Proven over decades of use. Allflex; Drovers; Leader ; Stockbrands; Zee Tags; Sheep Tags NOT NLIS; Year Colours & Letters; Tattoo Equipment. NLIS Pig Tags; Tags Sheep & Goat. 1/4 hi

Available in 2 colors and forms for use in any operation or veterinary practice.


Michael Ziefle Recommended for you. Ketchum has a variety of tattoo products available. If you have questions, please contact your company administrator. The slap tattoo is an inexpensive way to mark the hogs before they are transported.

Add to Cart. Hog Tattooing Made Easy. 12 Items ... Ketchum White Tattoo Paste 140 gr SKU: 1354.

Recommended for you. Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. Tattooing on pig skin - Duration: ... Tattoo like a pig with Yojiro Harada - Duration: 2:24. $36.00. Brass Tags; Electronic NLIS Sheep & Goat Tags ; Micron Tags; NLIS Sheep & Goat Tags. Tattoo ink is formulated for long-lasting wear; easily read years after tattoo application. Individual Letter for the Ketchum Model 101 Livestock Ear Tattooers. Ear tags, Marking and Identification; Tattoo Equipment; Tattoo Inks & Paste; Tattoo Inks & Paste.

The Ketchum Baby Pig Body Tattooer has been scientifically designed to leave a permanent tattoo mark on the body of young swine.

We offer a hog slap tattooer that can hold 4, 5 or 6 large 3/4″ digits. Ketchum Baby Pig Tattoo Characters-Ketchum Baby Pig Body Tattoo Characters These characters are designed to fit in the Baby Pig Body Tattooer.

Black Liquid Tattoo Ink. Typically, for pigs on the farm, the preferred tattooing site is on the ear; whereas for pigs destined for slaughter the tattoo usually goes on the shoulder. FREE SHIPPING ON MEDICATORS & INJECTORS . Characters are a needle point style and 1/4" tall.

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Within a few days, a tattoo imprint becomes visible … Characters specifically designed to produce easy to read tattoo.

So it is important to use high-quality hog tattooing tools and supplies, such as are available at Ketchum Manufacturing, Inc. Tools. Quart.