Do not fire into the air or into the ground at your feet in case the projectile ricochets. Powder was poured from the powder horn into a measure that held a pre-determined amount of powder. It was also commonly referred to as a firelock.

While the procedure for loading a muzzle-loading weapon was virtually the same whether it was a musket, rifle or a cannon, there were some differences.The military had a slightly different sequence than did the hunter or militia member. The musket was notoriously inaccurate – rarely hitting a soldier beyond one hundred yards.

The bayonet and musket carried a number and yes, they were recorded by the QM. Click through for the story.
click on photos to enlarge: 1. How to load a musket. Unloading a Muzzleloader. The Load Discharger allows you to expel a charge using a standard CO2 cartridge. Hmmm, sound to me like he forgot to load the powder, or it was defective. I think there is or was a rod with a screw tip that is inserted and then pressed down and turned into the bullet to pull it … Oct 25, 2015 - US M1855 .58 Caliber Ball Screw - The only way you could unload a musket, other than firing it, was to pull the bullet back out of the barrel. It was a flintlock weapon, meaning that a sharpened flint attached to a spring or clocked hammer is pushed into a locking position prior to firing. The mass production of the 19th centry rendered such accounting less important, though I recall reading in one of the Band of Brothers books, as well as another WWII book that escapes me at the moment, that soldiers were held responsible for the weapons issued to them. Unload a muzzleloader by discharging it into a suitable backstop. Cabela's CO2 Load Discharger Clearing an unfired charge from your black-powder rifle has never been easier; whether flint or percussion, conventional or in-line. Use a CO 2 discharger to clear the barrel. There are three ways to unload a muzzleloader.