"And a cocktail party with more than 15 people is going to be too hard to manage. Just remember, this party is for you too. It’s an easy way to have several people over, cocktails are getting expensive at restaurants ($15-$18!)

The beauty of a cocktail party at home is that it’s not a four or five hour commitment, like a dinner party. “If you were to have a dinner party, you wouldn’t offer your guests a four-page menu with 30 different options—don’t do it for cocktails either. Second, similar to sharing a bottle of wine, everyone gets to taste the same drink and share the experience. Garnishes aresuper simpleand can go a long way toward making your cocktail seem a lot more fancy than it actually is.

Hosting a party can be stressful if you’re running around the whole time. While you’d most likely never catch me replying “Yes!” to a party during the week (because I’m secretly 85 years old and like to be in bed early), I find that during the holiday season, anything goes. The final piece of advice for hosting the perfect cocktail party at home comes courtesy of Mia Johannson of Bar Swift, who recommends serving the bar’s Sgroppino at your next soiree. December is a CRAZY month for everyone.

“My biggest cocktail party tip is to focus your offerings to your guests,” says Adam Lantheaume, owner of the Boston barware store The Boston Shaker. Great drinks, delicious snacks, and lots of laughs with good friends.
If you want to throw a party at the last minute, consider a Thursday. and you don’t have to fight for a table or to be heard, and no one is rushing you away when the food is over. You might get some tips you hadn’t thought of before.

You can throw a cocktail party that breaks the bank or one that leaves you able to pay the rent and the bills (and happy to wake up in your own skin in the morning). In the glass, muddle 1 sugar cube with an orange slice. Drop in a few ice cubes and a cherry garnish with an orange peel. Whether yours is large or small, everyone you know or a few close friends, The Kitchn has some tips to make it the best one you’ve ever hosted. We love a good cocktail party. Trust us. Step 1: Pick Your Platform. First things first: Let’s start with the drinks. Add a few dashes of bitters and Bourbon and stir. The most important element of a virtual cocktail party is, of course, the people, so deciding how everyone is going to connect is essential. You’ll need: A measure of Gin Juice of 1 lime 4 ounces club soda 1 lime wedge for garnish It isn’t a matter of buying cheap booze, adding mass-market mixers, or using your SodaStream for a … "A cocktail party with less than six people isn't going to feel like a party," Anna told me.

Going with punches for a cocktail party allows a few things: First, you get to enjoy the party with your guests instead of being stuck preparing beverages all night.

So take some time to sit, chat, enjoy and even ask for suggestions for the next shindig.