So, you have only one way to save or download WhatsApp DP and that is taking the screenshot. You keep searching for a profile picture for your social media account, but you can not find the favorite dp image. Because of security reasons saving WhatsApp DP of contacts has become very difficult. Don’t worry my friends, today I will share a very simple method by which you can still save the Whatsapp profile picture. Even, you can’t save WhatsApp DP to Google drive now. Tap Save to gallery, then go to gallery and you will see the downloaded image there. WhatsApp DP Images | Best Attractive whatsApp DP images 2019 Today we have come up with the most beautiful Attractive Whatsapp DP collections for you. Just follow the process mentioned below to save any WhatsApp DP. This could be the person you love, the person who is currently stalking you, someone who might be a perfect match for a single friend you have, or they just have a striking picture. Your WhatsApp DP cannot be saved or shared as the ability to save profile picture removed in the latest update. You must be wondering that the WhatsApp profile picture save feature is disabled, then how can we cave the DP. Updated May 31, ... WhatsApp has been introducing one new update after the other in a bid to keep the popular messaging platform feeling fresh as ever. If you are using Android phone, Go to File Manager > Whatsapp > media > profile pictures Voila! How To Save WhatsApp DP / Profile Picture. Yes, the new version of the WhatsApp has no option to save WhatsApp DP to the gallery. This is working in whatsApp version 2.17.146 Hope this information will help you.

Contrary to other answers, Profile pictures of WhatsApp are default saved when you open/see any DP of a contact.

You have all the dp here. There are all kinds of reasons why you might want to save WhatsApp profile pictures. Tech & Gadgets.