Cayenne pepper is said to prevent and cure blackhead in turkeys.

The main prevention for this disease is to ensuring purchase of poults from disease free hatchery that tests for the disease in their breeding hens and toms. It is also seems effective in preventing and treating coccidiosis in chickens and turkeys.Doses is 1 rounded tablespoon per 20 liters or 1/4 cup/10-15lb of feed. For the disease to spread amongst the birds the flock must be infected with the cecal worm carrying the protozoan. There is no cure. It is mildly pathogenic, but eggs from the organism can carry the protozoan parasite H. meleagridis and thus are a key component to studying blackhead disease.Develop a molecular diagnostic test for H. gallinarum.Identify reservoirs of H. gallinarumIdentification of compounds that destroy H. gallinarum eggs in the environment.Determine if worming agents against H. gallinarum can prevent turkeys from developing blackhead disease … Cayenne Pepper treatment for blackhead disease in poultry. Blackhead (Histomoniasis, Enterohepatitis) Birds affected Birds affected are: turkeys, peafowl, guinea fowl, pheasant and chickens Blackhead is an acute or chronic protozoan disease of fowl, primarily affecting the cecae and liver. Blackhead can be a serious problem in turkey flocks and every effort taken to avoid an outbreak will be well worth while. Information About Turkey Diseases and Problems. Histomonas meleagridis invades the caecal mucosa and spreads, via blood, to the liver. Methods for Identification and Eradication of Heterakis gallinarum Vectors on Poultry Facilities to Prevent Blackhead Disease Outbreaks NCSU Thesis (2018) Hauck, R., et al. Histomoniasis is a commercially significant disease of poultry, particularly of chickens and turkeys, due to parasitic infection of a protozoan, Histomonas meleagridis.The protozoan is transmitted to the bird by the nematode parasite Heterakis gallinarum. Blackhead disease of turkey was first documented in the United States about 125 years ago in Rhode Island (Cushman, 1893). Traditionally, histomoniasis has been thought of as affecting turkeys, while doing little damage to chickens. Histomonas meleagridis invades the caecal mucosa and spreads, via blood, to the liver. Blackhead disease is caused by Histomonas Meleagridis , which is a protozoan that resides in a parasitic cecal worm egg. ... but only prevent this disease. called Histomonas meleagridis The disease is present wherever poultry … Prevention of blackhead in turkeys by management is two-fold: prevention of exposure by quarantine or isolation, especially avoiding any contact with chickens or game birds, and use of migration barriers to prevent commingling of infected birds with uninfected birds.