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Pope Julius could refer to: Pope Julius I (337–352) Pope Julius II, (1503–1513) The Warrior Pope Pope Julius (game), a card game thought to be named after Pope Julius II; Pope Julius III (1550–1555) This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Pope Julius. Then, in March 1509, he joined the League of Cambrai, an anti-Venetian alliance formed in … Of the 266 Popes listed below, 88 came from Rome and the majority (196) came from Italy. Political activities. As a first step as pope, Julius subjugated Perugia and Bologna in the autumn of 1508.

Julius II viewed as the main task of his pontificate the restoration of the Papal States, which had been reduced to ruin by the Borgias.Large portions of it had been appropriated by Venice after Alexander VI’s death.