Beginning of a dialog window, including tabbed navigation to register an account or sign in to an existing account. On this #globalrunningday please share your running motto with me below! By Endurance We Conquer... Monday, February 11, 2013. Favorite Answer. ', and 'We had seen God in His splendors, heard the text that Nature renders. -Abraham Lincoln Six weeks out from my seasons first race. Both registration and sign in support using Google and Facebook Im wanting it as a tattoo because i already have a few on my right arm and they are all coming together into one piece, every peice has alot of meaning to me, i love tattoos, but only when they have meaning.. Several years ago I was hired by a state patrol agency out west, but decided that it was not the right opportunity at the time. Change of Scenery does the body good. Jef Mallett, creator of Frazz, described his tattoo: “ That’s Ernest Shackleton ‘s ship Endurance, icebound and soon to be crushed just off the coast of Antarctica in 1915. I have thirteen tattoos as well as several piercings, and I think they're all pretty cool.

Perhaps the most famous example was Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship, Endurance. Fortitudine Vincimus, By Endurance We Conquer Courtesy of Jef Mallett, Frazz. It was originally called Aurora, but Shackleton changed it to honor his family’s motto, “Through endurance we conquer.” In 1914 he set sail for Antarctica, intending to trek across the continent.

Mini Tattoos Wörter Tattoos Trendy Tattoos Tattos Tattoo Ink La Tattoo Type Tattoo Feminine Tattoos Piercing Tattoo 50 Of The Most Meaningful One Word Tattoos To Ink On Your Body Though they may be small, one or two word tattoos can be deeply meaningful, so here are the 50 best minimalist tattoo ideas and designs for men and women looking for new ink inspiration. Relevance. Part of why it’s so big is so I’m not tempted to squeeze in my own, much tackier, motto, “Scared shitless is my comfort zone.” You learn so much about yourself. Today I was watching the news about the NYC subway threat and I saw a younger NYPD cop with his left arm fully sleeved in tattoos! 30 quotes from Ernest Shackleton: 'Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all. Tattoo Ideas: Quotes on Strength, Adversity, and Courage. This motto has seen me through 14 years of training and racing, both the good and the bad. NYPD and tattoo's?

I have had that on my mind a lot lately. However, let me say that bias does still exist, and I know some part-time people are still told to cover their tattoos (and they aren't going to risk losing their job by questioning their supervisor).

Honour and recognition in case of success. The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen It's not the years in your life that count. What is the meaning of the motto you conquer by degrees? Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. A good portion of my back is covered by a tattoo depicting Ernest Shackleton’s ship, the Endurance, with his family motto, “ Fortitudine vincimus ” — "By endurance we conquer." Part of why it’s so big is so I’m not tempted to squeeze in my own, much tackier, motto, “Scared shitless is … We changed our policy on tattoos in many respects because I was the first director to come along with visible tattoos. Hi all! Wiki User 2009-09-14 21:48:53. i hav no idea any way i love miley and sel all u out there. By Endurance We Conquer Lyrics: Waves crash down, unrelenting, unending. 7 Answers. Like many of you, I am trying to work my way into the LE field.

Fortitudine vincimus - by endurance we conquer Ad augusta per angusta - to high places by narrow roads Amat victoria curam - victory favours those who take pains Haec olim meminisse ivvabit - time heals all things Ad astra per aspera - to the stars through difficulty They say what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger and stranger. It's the life in your years. 1 decade ago. Related Questions.

becauseilive. Fortitudine vincimus - By endurance we conquer.

more. The tattoo on my side reads "Fortitudine Vincimus", a Latin phrase meaning "through endurance, we conquer". Updated on March 18, 2020 .