I have 5 tattoos and hate every one of them.

I love the detail on the Icarus tattoo! Posted in r/venturebros by u/SbreckS • 624 points and 37 comments In a cruel twist of fate back at the cocoon, hung over/pummeled Monarch henchmen realize they captured Brock Samson and the Venture Family in a drunken campaign the night before.

While getting a tramp stamp of a butterfly tattoo, 21 realizes that Brock is getting a tattoo of Icarus from that Led Zeppelin album on his arm. Dec 18, 2018 - Explore craigtaylor756's board "Brock Samson", followed by 1405 people on Pinterest. End_Boss said: "File this under "things you will regret a year from now."" Take the Quiz: Venture Bros. - Brock Samson. 3 talking about this. By Paul Simic Henchman 21 (real name: Gary Fischer ) is a henchman of The Monarch and a major recurring character on The Venture Bros. As confirmed by his fellow henchmen, he is actually Henchman 1 as of Season 4, due to becoming a competent fighter. Brock "Murderfly" Samson (Venture Bros.) Custom Action Figure. Brock Samson in the style of Led Zeppelins Fall of Icarus. See what Forest Maxwell (forestmaxwell666) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Custom #: 14682: Name: Brock "Murderfly" Samson ... (I always love to be as accurate as possible), I took my green sharpie pen and drew the half-done Iccarus tattoo Brock was sporting in the episode.

Disdaining guns in favor of his ever-present Bowie knife, he has a license to kill and the overpowering desire to use it. Right?
I was drunk down town and thought it would be cool to tatto

Fiercely loyal to Dr. Venture and the boys, Brock will let nothing stand in the way of their safety, be it ninja, super-villain or Chupacabra. Name: Brock Samson Description: Blond mulleted, tall, muscular man usually seen with a cigarette in his mouth. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Venture Brothers has some of the best writing of any show Ive ever seen. You do know that this is a parody page. Enlarge. Brock Samson is the man's man of secret agents. He has an unfinished tattoo of Icarus from Led Zeppelin's Swan Song record label on his right bicep.

See more ideas about Cartoon, Race bannon and Space pirate captain harlock. Enjoy this quiz based on the Venture Bros. bodyguard! Gary Fischer was originally a stereotypical nerd who enjoyed comic books and fantasy/scifi genres until he joined The Monarch and The Fluttering Horde.

Aspects High Concept Swedish Murder Machine.