The Gila Monster of the United States, the Mexican Beaded Lizard of Mexico, and the Komodo Dragon (which is also the world's largest lizard) of Indonesia.

Most new Chinese water dragons might be shy and …
No, Chinese water dragons are not poisonous or venomous, and handling them or their bite cannot kill a human. Chinese water dragons growing in popularity due to their similarities to the iguana. Yes, Chinese water dragons are curious, often friendly and social. No, no water dragons are poisonous, and for that matter, there are only three members of the lizard family who actually are "poisonous". Anoles, in most cases have similar housing needs as water dragons, but again these lizards are usually very small and could easily become a snack.

Are Chinese water dragons social?

All water dragon species are from tropical humid climates, such as Vietnam and Southern Thailand. Don't do it! Many species of amphibian could theoretically be housed with water dragons but again these species … Down the body is green or brown banding. Their body colour ranges from light and dark green with large tails. Their belly area is lighter and often white, pale green, or yellow. Water dragons are arboreal (tree dwelling) creatures, yet are also semi-aquatic and can spend a considerable amount of time on the ground and in the water. The throat of a Chinese water dragon is very bright and adds to their beauty.